Student Evaluations

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COM CM 722 B1- Communication Research

Professor Elasmar - Fall 2016

  1. A+à very good at it. No complaints.
  2. Lots of definitions were run-on sentences or weird sentence structures that were confusing. A more clear + concise way to explain would help immensly(sic). Overall attitude motivated me.
  3. I have one comment: This guy’s a genius!! He’s my FAVORITE professor in BU!
  4. Very detailed. Always encouraging students to ask questions.
  5. Elasmar is a passionate instructor with ability to clearly state ideas, and brought a lot of fun to the class.
  6. Great professor!
  7. The professor is great. He -?- me very important and informative lessons.
  8. Clear explanation to the questions.
  9. He’s a genius in research industry. He has his own style and methods to teach research. Brilliant!
  10. Elasmar is very effective in communicating ideas, concept with real-life or industrial examples.
  11. It would be better if professor Elasmar can write more clearly on the blackboard.
  12. He explains complex ideas well (makes them simple and easy to understand. He motivates me in scientific research, which I was totally not interested in.
  13. I really really like the way professor talk: keep my brain constantly work with funny & swiftly talk.
  14. Professor Elasmar is always nice to students. He’s able to present his idea with humorous language which makes the class very interesting.
  15. Very good
  16. I’ve taken research courses in the past, he is excellent at making seemingly complex theories digestible.
  17. [Student provided no feedback]
  18. Professor Elasmar worked to help every student understand the research process. He made it very accessible.
  19. Amazing!
  20. Professor Elasmar was very enthusiastic about teaching
  21. Elasmar is a very passionate and reliable instructor in communication research class.
  22. Professor Elasmar is very good at explaining concepts and excellent at instructing us.
  23. Very good, very enthusiastic about the material
  24. [Student provided no feedback]
  25. Very effective in communicating ideas. Very humorous! Since it’s a research class, nothing much about debate, it’s either right or wrong.
  1. I’m not good at this subject so I found it pretty difficult. I’m not sure why it’s a required course + felt that a lot of us in the course weren’t sure how this would be applicable to our time post-grad.
  2. Level of difficulty was highly at the end for me trying to understand the math, but ultimately made me smarter in that way. Pace was awesome, I had time to absorb info & work in class.
  3. There are a lot of homework and it was definitely not easy at the beginning of the semester when everything’s new. But he made it so entertaining with precision. I enjoyed this course so much and so glad I decided to take this!
  4. Very fast paced- better be a quick typer (sic)
  5. The workload was higher than expected but useful indeed. Sections were well integrated and comprehensive as for comm research landscape.
  6. Pace could be faster. While reduce some workload.
  7. The course is instructive, and the workload is average.
  8. The pace is well-designed.
  9. The pace is fast. For whole semester, students have been working on a group project, to apply what they learn from the class
  10. Step-by-step, this course is divided into several sections that in some degree, reduce the burden and difficulty of this course.
  11. [Student provided no feedback]
  12. The course uses SPSS which taught us a new technique/skill.
  13. I don’t think the workload is a lot. All work is logical. Not hard to understand.
  14. [Student provided no feedback]
  15. Very good
  16. It was difficult & required a lot of work, but it is very well worth the effort required. I’ll use this in my career.
  17. I literally can’t count so everything was hard, but that’s on me not him.
  18. Having class time to work on the final project was crucial- otherwise it would’ve been overwhelming. The pace & setup of the class were as expected.
  19. I wish we’d have more time for the class project.
  20. The workload was heavy
  21. The course is useful, practical, related to the communication aspects of research.
  22. The pace is reasonable and it’s not very difficult but I do feel I’ve learned a lot.
  23. Very organized. Pace was good. I never felt overwhelmed at any one point.
  24. The whole course was organized very well. We are able to learn many things related to research.
  25. Heavy workload, fast pace. Very valuable. I can use this thing for my entire life.
  1. Professor Elasmar was really great at breaking down the material & making it so that we could understand it.
  2. Lots of info was spaced out nicely.
  3. Every class, we learn a little bit of new information. And and (sic) the end of it, we were taking in “jargon” we didn’t even realize. I learned so much, he explained everything so well.
  4. This course has made me a better writer + researcher. He has made me feel like a more confident professional + pushed me to be the best I can be.
  5. –Great at instructor
    -clear structure
    -useful skills.
  6. Teaching the whole process of conducting a professional communication research. Teaching the method of writing a literature review.
  7. We can learn many practical techniques.
  8. Well planned.
  9. Must-have for research. The professor is the best
  10. Cover simple, but useful knowledge with examples.
  11. [Student provided no feedback]
  12. [Student provided no feedback]
  13. Method of Science!!!!
  14. Learn some basic data analysis skills.
  15. Lots of hands on experience
  16. Elasmar, his examples, him writing in class vs. talking over a PPT presentation.
  17. Elasmar is a great teacher
  18. Elasmar made research easy to understand and conduct.
  19. Everything
  20. Working in teams
  21. Clearity (sic), useful contents of research and quite easy and friendly in math.
  22. Practical research skills.
  23. Very practical. I learned a lot
  24. [Student provided no feedback]
  25. Practibility (sic)
  1. Again, not sure if it should be a mandatory course across all disciplines in COM.
  2. Honestly just clearer definitions.
  4. Nothing. I’ve gained a whole new skill-set thanks to this class
  5. Maybe consider reduce the report workload. I.e. reduce constructs that we need to measure.
  6. Adding more section about analyzing.
  7. I think it is already perfect
  8. [Student provided no feedback]
  9. Divide the report to several parts.
  10. [Student provided no feedback]
  11. [Student provided no feedback]
  12. [Student provided no feedback]
  13. It is perfect!
  14. [Student provided no feedback]
  15. More examples of correct work
  16. N/A
  17. Change up the wardrobe. Blue would look nice on you
  18. This was a great class but I’m not sure it should be a requirement for all ad students.
  19. Have him look over surveys before we give them out to make sure we’ve got all the required parts.
  20. Extended deadlines and more in-class work
  21. Professor’s handwriting
  22. None.
  23. [Student provided no feedback]
  24. For the grades we get, it’s better to have more detailed explanation.
  25. Less homework. Project is too heavy.
  1. He was very good at giving the material to us, especially as it was pretty dense & hard to follow at times.
  2. Enjoyed learning! Handwriting was difficult to read but huge advocate of handwritten notes, etc.
  3. Lectures were informative and enriching. Tests are exactly formulated to test what we have learned in class. He doesn’t believe in memorizing concepes(sic) our research paper tells how well we understand the concepes(sic). He is brilliant! I loved his class!!
  4. Again, very fast-paced but very effective lessons.
  5. Well organized!
  6. Lectures great. Reading could be improving. Could add tests
  7. He can make the concept clear.
  8. Excellent.
  9. Everything is perfect.
  10. [Student provided no feedback]
  11. [Student provided no feedback]
  12. [Student provided no feedback]
  13. GREAT!!!
  14. Great!
  15. Very good
  16. Fantastic.
  17. He gucci
  18. Overall the content and instruction of this class were excellent.
  19. Very clear
  20. He was very thorough in explaining concepts and always answered questions.
  21. Good contents overall.
  22. The professor is amazing!
  23. Very clear, helpful with the project, encouraged questions.
  24. [Student provided no feedback]
  25. Elasmar rocks! He should become a stand up comedian

COM CM 722 C1- Communication Research

Professor Elasmar - Fall 2016

  1. Really engaging in & outside of class – makes the topic interesting
  2. The organization of the class was great. I would have preferred more interactive lectures, but that wasn’t really the design of the class w/ lab in the second half, it was ok.
  3. Very Good!
  4. The professor turned concepts into application. We were hands on with projects early in the semester. He mixed philosophical, psychological, and
  5. v. accessible, v. clear. I don’t think he expected a lot from us though
  6. [Student provided no feedback]
  7. [Student provided no feedback]
  8. [Student provided no feedback]
  9. Nice classes
  10. Very good
  11. Elasmar is extremely passionate about research.
  12. Great professor. Knows what he is teaching about very knowledgeable
  13. Elasmar was well organized and enthusiastic. Research is difficult for me and he made it accessible yet challenging.
  14. Good
  15. [Student provided no feedback]
  16. Could potentially spend more time on difficult concepts. Very fun to learn from him
  17. Elasmar was able to take complex ideas and really break them down. For someone with no background in research, I appreciate that
  18. Elasmar is good at explain complex concepts in simple word
  19. He tried really hard to make what most see as a dull subject entertaining.
  20. [Student provided no feedback]
  21. He’s always enthusiastic in class speech.
  22. Always ready to entertain questions, his communication & content is well organized
  23. Professor Elasmar is great. He is funny in class and easy to understand.
  24. [Student provided no feedback]
  1. A lot of work
  2. I really enjoyed the project. That being said, I would really have preferred more effective feedback on our measures prior to running the survey because I think we could have saved ourselves for a lot of heartache
  3. Not much hard work to do each time. I didn’t feel struggling and I do love this course. I learnt much
  4. The course focused on a research project and readings. The research project required work outside of class.
  5. I learned a lot and topics were well integrating but pacing of lectures was too slow
  6. [Student provided no feedback]
  7. [Student provided no feedback]
  8. [Student provided no feedback]
  9. Quite hard
  10. The workload and difficulty are acceptable
  11. This was a very challenging course but I am glad I took it.
  12. Very long report but easy to complete if you pay attention to listen to him
  13. Workload was very high, but well-paced. I never felt an inability to complete the assigned work.
  14. Good
  15. [Student provided no feedback]
  16. Pace was not even, would have been nicer to spread workload a bit more.
  17. I definitely did a lot of work this semester, but I am better for it
  18. It is in very good pace overall.
  19. It felt like majority of my workload came from this class, which effected my other course grades
  20. [Student provided no feedback]
  21. The workload is heavy. Final report is 100-pages the class would be less stressful if we are required to write a shorter paper
  22. The workload was high, but working in groups helped, and learning out of it was high too.
  23. This is the most valuable class I take at BU. It makes me want to be a researcher in the future.
  24. [Student provided no feedback]
  1. The way it’s taught is based on doing so I feel as though I learned a lot
  2. The large amount of group debate (within our group) and the actual real life data collection & analysis
  3. [Student provided no feedback]
  4. The professor had a lively, charismatic method of teaching. He repeats concepts in each lesson for students to understand what they are doing and why they are doing it.
  5. [Student provided no feedback]
  6. [Student provided no feedback]
  7. [Student provided no feedback]
  8. [Student provided no feedback]
  9. Solid skills
  10. Professor has much experience in research. He is nice and helpful
  11. Walked us through research steps one-by-one
  12. Pay attention in class and you can actually learn a lot from him. You are learning while he is lecturing
  13. The professor’s ability to communicate the information.
  14. Good
  15. [Student provided no feedback]
  16. Professor makes it fun.
  17. He explained the concepts but showed us how to apply them. I like that the course was structured their way
  18. I love that your braid has been modified.
  19. Learning new technologies.
  20. [Student provided no feedback]
  21. He’s good at explaining concepts. He has a clear grading criteria
  22. The workload was high, but working in groups helped, and learning out of it was high too
  23. Knowledge is helpful. Professor is a genius!
  24. [Student provided no feedback]
  1. Assign groups instead of letting people choose
  2.  Again more specific feedback and more small chances to write items & run little analysis chances
  3. [Student provided no feedback]
  4. More homeworks to help further understand lectures and discussion. We covered 12 steps of research. I wish we could have a quiz or homework in between
  5. The report and analysis should have more individual components with the group project, there was more navigating group dynamics than each person actually getting to work with the data. Find more opportunities for individual evaluation. Also, have the report broken up into smaller segments with more feedback at each stage of the process.
  6. [Student provided no feedback]
  7. [Student provided no feedback]
  8. [Student provided no feedback]
  9. Less work
  10. [Student provided no feedback]
  11. N/A
  12. There is nothing need to be improved. He is Great!
  13. More feedback from the professor throughout course checkpoints
  14. Good
  15. [Student provided no feedback]
  16. Professor could listen to group concerns a bit more, especially when presented at beginning of semester
  17. I don’t have any suggestions. This was a great course.
  18. I wish I could learn more about explanation between life observations and its statistical roots. Behaviors and minds
  19. N/A
  20. [Student provided no feedback]
  21. Reduce the workload
  22. The project we undertook was a long & tedious one, if there is a way to spread it across a longer period / reduce its scope it would be helpful
  23. It’s perfect already!
  24. [Student provided no feedback]
  1. [Student provided no feedback]
  2. I enjoyed the class & learned a lot even w/ a high workload
  3. [Student provided no feedback]
  4. The professor is passionate about homework and wants students to really challenge their ability to comprehend the study. He makes research less daunting and more exciting. It makes all the hard work in the final project feel good and gratifying
  5. Concepts were presented too simply without explanation of why things/processes were a certain way
  6. [Student provided no feedback]
  7. [Student provided no feedback]
  8. [Student provided no feedback]
  9. Useful content
  10. Very interesting. Very good
  11. Superior
  12. Great professor. Very knowledgeable
  13. Very engaging and well organized.
  14. Good
  15. [Student provided no feedback]
  16. Readings were repetitive & only one book was necessary honestly. Otherwise great!
  17. Elasmar was great!
  18. I like the way the class is designed. Doing project actually helps me understand the concepts a lot.
  19. He’s an excellent teacher
  20. [Student provided no feedback]
  21. [Student provided no feedback]
  22. He was great! Lots of energy, always made sure his teaching was clear & understood by everyone
  23. I love this class!!! I hope everyone can get to Elasmar.
  24. [Student provided no feedback]

COM CM722 B1 – Communication Research

Professor Elasmar – Fall 2015

  1. Professor Elasmar is really great. The class is organized.
  2. [Student provided no feedback]
  3. Great, enthusiastic professor with a lot to share.
  4. Excellent professor.
  5. [Student provided no feedback]
  6. Excellent, best research professor in all aspects.
  7. Great organization of notes/Powerpoints and able to communicate key concepts to us effectively.
  8. He was clear and organized. Would answer many questions.
  9. Sometimes, I felt overwhelmed with the concepts. But the good thing is the professor will always make sure you are on the right track and entertain all your questions.
  10. [Student provided no feedback]
  11. Needed a comprehensive outline; this was a mess of a paper in my head; not clear on reasons for many steps.
  12. Lectures in class can benefit from Powerpoint slides, it’s unclear of some information explained in class.
  13. Elasmar is an excellent teacher with full experience and he can explain difficult concept clearly.
  14. He is very help & always energetic. The whole class is very clear and useful.
  15. Elasmar communicated all concepts exceptionally clearly and concisely. He was very knowledgeable and always welcomed questions
  16. Super clear in teaching & explaining ideas. The atomosphere (sic) of class in (sic) comfortable. Nice attitude toward students.
  17. No scope for debate in this class, however in other areas professor performed well.
  18. Elasmar is awesome! I love his class.
  19. Elasmar was articulate and transparent throughout the semester. I always knew what was expected of me. Dr. Elasmar encouraged critical thinking throughout the course.
  20. [Student provided no feedback]
  21. He lays out the course and material in a very clear way. The class is very organized in workload which helps with completing work on time.
  22. He is very clear with concepts. Sometimes the course got very hectic but I have learnt the most in this class. There is o (sic) scientific method and process behind everything that analyzed concepts.
  23. Elasmar is wonderful. He takes very complex issues and boils them down so they are interesting and understandable. LOVE HIM!
  24. Elasmar was wonderful, nice & enthusiastic.
  1. Though the work is a little bit heavy, but the students did learn a lot from it.
  2. [Student provided no feedback]
  3. Very heavy workload, but manageable. It would have been more valuable to learn more about data analysis.
  4. The length of report startled me at the beginning of this semester. But I achieved a sense of accomplishment at the moment when my group turned it in. We made it!
  5. If there is a PPT during lecture will be better.
  6. Practical and theoretical topics were perfectly combined. Research com can be boring, but he made it lively.
  7. High workload, especially due to the group aspect in which some group members did not pull their weight.
  8. A lot of writing.
  9. The workload was tough because I had 4 other additional classes. It takes some time to get used to. It taught me a lot about working in a team.
  10. [Student provided no feedback]
  11. Felt like busy work. SPSS is absurd in 2015 this should all be digital.
  12. The semester long group project can be too much, especially when group members are not doing their part.
  13. Good.
  14. Although the homework is heavy, the course is great! Learn so many things!
  15. The workload was immense, but he gave us plenty of time to complete the project and it was extremely rewarding to complete such a large project.
  16. Step by step teaching has effective impact on learning something that is unfamiliar to me. It’s an important skill to learn to help me in my future job.
  17. A challenging course. Topic is mind-numbingly boring (to me) and has limited educational value (to me).
  18. The course introduces many useful skills. They are very practical and useful. Although the report almost drives us crazy, at the end of the course, we’re filled with a sense of achievement.
  19. This course required A LOT of outside work. However, it is the one course I am taking that I am most proud of that work. The systematic nature and high value of information was very rewarding.
  20. [Student provided no feedback]
  21. Pace is quick but the organized timeline is very beneficial. Workload is extremely intense but worth outcome. Education value, this course has taught me more than my other courses combined.
  22. The level of difficulty is low. We got ample time to work on group projects together. The course had immense educational value.
  23. It’s a ton of work and flies by but I’m not complaining. I did not know I could learn so much, so fast and wont (sic) to learn more.
  24. The theory of com research would’ve been more relevant to a lot of people in this class.
  1. Practical skills.
  2. [Student provided no feedback]
  3. The professor’s knowledge.
  4. Clear explanation, structure. Everything is scientific.
  5. Practical.
  6. The professor’s attitude towards the topic and his experience on –?–. His homework was harder than the tests so we excelled.
  7. Learning completely new information at a pace that made it doable.
  8. Thorough exemplified all the methods discussed.
  9. The professor does a good job of making such a stressful project feel less stressful. He is kind. I also feel like the course is a great resources to learn about SPSS.
  10. [Student provided no feedback]
  11. Elasmar’s enthusiasm; such a nice guy!
  12. Learned a lot about variation.
  13. Help us in research field and “modify” our brain.
  14. Clear and useful for me.
  15. I learned an incredible amount and it provided me with a strong foundation to continue with communication research.
  16. Clear teaching, instruction, & communication. Single goal -> a research report of the class, makes what we’re going to achieve doable & clear.
  17. Instructor is a really nice guy, and clearly knows his stuff.
  18. Very practical. Solved some of the problems I thought about when I doing (sic) the internship.
  19. I really enjoyed the content as well as the way the course was structured. Dr. Elasmar was a great instructor and resource throughout.
  20. [Student provided no feedback]
  21. Elasmar is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. You learn a lot of skills
    Well organized.
  22. The method and –?– behind everything and how everything come together as a storey (sic)
  23. The way the course is structured to be cumulative. There’s also no cutting corners – you do the project from start to finish so the resulting level of understanding is much deeper.
  24. Learn by doing is always the best way to learn

COM CM722 C1 – Communication Research

Professor Elasmar – Fall 2015

  1. He was Amazing! My favorite class.
  2. His documents and steps are very clear but the execution in class was not so much so – it could be more dynamic.
  3. Very knowledgeable – knows material inside and out. Can answer any question
  4. Professor Elasmar is great on communicating with students, and friendly to students.
  5. He’s awesome
  6. [Student provided no feedback]
  7. A very good professor!
  8. Good attitude, communicates well
  9. Professor gave good notes to go with class, and communicated what he expected of us
  10. Elasmar was incredibly passionate about the subject matter. I greatly appreciate that!
  11. Smart formatting of class- theory + intermediate practice of applying concepts. Good discussion points- great mixture of debate, discussion, lecture, and applying concepts for projects
  12. [Student provided no feedback]
  13. [Student provided no feedback]
  14. He was very enthusiastic and makes the material relatable.
  15. Good.
  16. Pretty knowledgeable and effective communicator.
  17. Was very clear about what he expects, was always available to clear doubts & ensured that we understood concepts.
  18. [Student provided no feedback]
  19. Professor Elasmar is a nice and experienced professor who are willing to help students at any time.
  20. He communicates very clear with good logic.
  21. He is a good professor. His class is very logic and makes lots of sense
  22. [Student provided no feedback]
  23. Elasmar is great.
  24. The ability to communicate ideas, willingness to enter debate, organization, –?—and accessibility are all excellent.
  1. It was a lot to cover. But he broke it down in a way where I never felt rushed.
  2. Heavy work load. Final doc is very repetitive.
  3. Fast-paced- I wish we understood SPSS more. Tutorials with step-by-step methods on Blackboard would be helpful.
  4. Workload is heavier than all other class I took this semester
  5. It’s perfect
  6. [Student provided no feedback]
  7. Proper and interesting
  8. Extremely high work load, very intense course
  9. This course required more outside work than my other 3 classes combined for most weeks. From what I’ve learned, a way more intense workload than the other CM722 classes.
  10. The workload and level of difficulty was high. But, I learned a ton over the course + the semester.
  11. A little slow in the beginning then too fast at end but the syllabus explained it in the beginning
  12. [Student provided no feedback]
  13. [Student provided no feedback]
  14. Quick pace- toward the end certain concept weren’t explained as in depth.
  15. A little time consuming. A little bit heavy workload.
  16. Heavy workload. Reasonably difficult.
  17. The workload is slightly on the heavy side but I feel we learnt relevant things usable in the industry.
  18. [Student provided no feedback]
  19. [Student provided no feedback]
  20. The pace at the beginning is fast but then –?– –?—to SPS is a little slow
  21. The course is very interesting, course work is normal
  22. Pace is bad, concepts are introduced shortly before they need to be used.
  23. Above-average.
  24. All excellent.
  1. Great professor. He made research exciting to a bunch of com people.
  2. Fundamentals of sample analyses steps breakdown
  3. Amount of material covered, Elasmar’s dedication
  4. Learn to use SPSS. Familiar with research process.
  5. It builds up communication foundation for us.
  6. [Student provided no feedback]
  7. Give students the introductory idea about communication research, and give students the chance to gain hands on experience by doing the report.
  8. Doing a huge project/full understanding of concepts because of it
  9. Working with a group the entire semester
  10. Elasmar’s ability to explain difficult topics and his enthusiasm.
  11. The mixture of project and lecture.
  12. [Student provided no feedback]
  13. [Student provided no feedback]
  14. Keeps the pace up w/making students practice concepts as they learn them
  15. Method of science!!
  16. Good basic knowledge of research. Understanding of how a study is conducted.
  17. It’s relevance to the industry. Simplified research for students.
  18. [Student provided no feedback]
  19. Teach students how to conduct a research survey in a professional way.
  20. Very practical and gives good –?—
  21. The class is very logic. The concept are established step by step.
  22. Project-based makes learning organized and allows students to build on knowledge
  23. Elasmar has every class pre-planned & progress is steady & gradual.
  24. It’s a practical course which teaches us a smooth process to operate a communications research process.