Sample of Marketing Communication Research Alumni

Alumni are categorized by their work on the client side, the supplier side, or their ownership of a research company. Those who work on the client side work with a single brand or organization to improve their strategic communications efforts. Those who work on the supplier side work for a research company that provide data for a range of brands or organizations. 

The following alumni information was documented on February 28, 2022. 

Client Side

Class of 2021

Wanyao Zhang

Product Manager at TikTok

Yujia Yang

Product Management | User Research | Market Research at SeaMoney

Embracing both the narrative and quantitative, I am an enthusiastic marketing analyst, consumer insights explorer, and data storyteller.

Class of 2021
Class of 2016

Bridget Xueer Yang

Growth Marketing | Marketing Analytics | Data Analytics at Dentsu

With 6+ years of experience in Marketing Analytics, Bridget enjoys manipulating and analyzing tedious data to provide business solutions. She has experience working with fortune 500 clients across multiple industries.

Yuran Zhao

Sr. Data Science Manager at Visa

Class of 2016
Class of 2014

Aona Yang

UX Researcher at Google | Creator of @AonaTalks – a YouTube channel for all UXRs

Hi! I’m Aona. I am a UX Researcher, also the creator of @AonaTalks, a YouTube channel for all UXRs.


David Blumberg

Market Research Insights & Intelligence | Strategist | Lead Consultant | Qualitative & Quantitative Insights Project Manager at Allstate

I am a customer and consumer insights research professional with 10+ years of experience in both quantitative and qualitative research designs, survey development, survey programming softwares (Qualtrics, Alchemy, 1Q, Pollfish), sampling techniques, ethnographies, segmentation, copy testing of marketing and advertising materials, consumer neuroscience techniques, SPSS data analysis, and executive reporting.

Class of 2012
Class of 2005

Lauren Chiang

Associate Director, Marketing Insights and Strategy at The Clorox Company

I am a passionate brand disrupter with a demonstrated track record of innovating and growing brands across beauty, tech, food, cleaning, and CPG.

Jericho Razon

 Director, Consumer Insights & Front End Innovation at Nestlé Coffee Partners

I am a customer and consumer insights research professional with 10+ years of It’s an honor for me to be driving insights and innovation for Starbucks, Chameleon, Nescafe, Blue Bottle, Teavana and many more in a category that I share a passion for with so many others, coffee and tea.

Class of 2005
Class of 2005

Maggie Slowik

Global Industry Director – Manufacturing at IFS

Michaela Ion

Leader of Alpha Universe Platform & Alpha Female Program at Sony

Stories move the world, and by extension, business. Great marketing is story-driven, and how you tell your story can make or break your product or service. I strategize and tell stories with passion, thoughtfulness, and a sense of what’s possible.

Class of 2004
Class of 2002

Holly Decker

Director of Strategic Insights at Fidelity Investments

20+ years of market research and consulting experience including both quantitative and qualitative methods. Thrive on taking a business question through the rigors of creative research techniques to come out on the other side with exciting, tangible insights and recommendations.

Supplier Side

Alex Siracusa

Manager, Audience Acceleration, Analytics at Initiative

I’m an NYC-based researcher, data analyst, and consumer insights specialist holding an M.S. in Marketing Communication Research. I have a wide range of technical skills and experience spanning disciplines like quantitative market research, consumer segmentation, advanced statistical analytics, data science, and media performance analytics.

Class of 2019
Class of 2019

Michaela Muto

Data Analyst at Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB)


Christy Wood

Director of Customer Experience at Ipsos

Market Researcher passionate about leveraging data to improve the relationship between companies & their customers.

Class of 2016

Jenna Radin

Manager, Research and Design at Vital Findings

Jenna Radin is an experienced Manager of Research and Design at Vital Findings, a boutique market research firm in Los Angeles. She is responsible for managing all aspects of the research process from research design to questionnaire development, client communication, data analysis, and report writing/storytelling.

Miriam McPhie

Insight Manager at Inspired Insight

Experienced market researcher with a Master of Science (M.S.) in Marketing Communication Research from Boston University.

Class of 2016
Class of 2015

Suya Xiong

 Research Manager at IDC

I am driven by a passion for understanding human motives and desires and a commitment to making a real difference to the global community through innovative and practical problem solving.

Gina Zavradinos

Director at C Space

Class of 2007
Class of 2007

Sara Al-Tukhaim

 Founder and Director at The Toyary

I’m passionate about understanding and driving new, emerging and more sustainable forms of commerce. I’m a nerd for content development, data analysis and drawing meaning from insights.

TJ Keitt

Vice President, Experience Design at SAP

Class of 2005
Class of 2004

Elizabeth (Shaw) Caffrey

Senior Director, Production Operations at C Space

Harnessing the voice of the consumer research, I work with companies to develop and inform innovation on product development, persona development, UX testing, fast feedback and mapping competitive landscape. 

Jacqueline Rousseau-Anderson

Chief Customer Officer at BlueConic

Class of 2004

Owners of Research Companies

Class of 2005

Christopher Aswad

Consumer Insights & Innovation Expert and Founder, Insight By Design

Owner / Founder at Insight By Design – a new breed of marketing consulting agency built for the next frontier of consumer learning.

By fusing innovative insights techniques, technology and compelling design-based reporting, we ensure results get noticed and make an impact.

Lourdes Fernandez

Owner/Managing Partner at Multicultural Latino Footprint – Quantitative Market Research Analyst

Lourdes Fernández has a solid reputation as a Quantitative Market Research expert in the markets of Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and US Hispanic. Her entrepreneurial passion has been her guiding light in all of her personal and professional goals.

Class of 2005

Carly Fink

President, Provoke Insights | Brand Strategy Thought Leader & Market Researcher | Inspirator of Success | Speaker

Carly Fink specializes in winning brand strategies and market research. Her clients call her an enabler of growth and innovation.