I am a social-science-trained researcher who is fascinated by the role that communication plays in the formation and modification of a wide array of human beliefs systems (e.g. product brand beliefs, country images, intergroup perceptions, etc.).

My focus has been on finding ways to conceptualize, capture and visualize these belief systems in order to understand the interrelationships among their building blocks. I find it exceptionally rewarding when my students reach the critical point of seeing the social world through the lenses of the research methods that I teach them to use.

I teach applied research methods and statistics courses designed to get students ready for jobs in the fields of communication, advertising, public relations and marketing research. I teach courses in communication theory. I also conduct research on media impact, inter-group relations, public diplomacy and international communication.  In addition to the above, I also work as a consultant on selected industry projects that focus on users and/or consumers of technologies, goods and services.



Topic Expertise:

Mass Communication,
Intercultural Communication,
Cross-Cultural Communication, Public Diplomacy,
Effects of New Media,
International Communication Industry:
Consumer Insights,
Market Research,
User Experience Research,
Consumer Experience Research

Technical Expertise:

Quantitative Data Analysis,
Survey Methodology and Data Analysis, Quantitative Methodology,
Applied Research, Survey Analysis, Structural Equation Modeling,
Confirmatory Factor Analysis,
Scale Construction,
Scale Development,
Applied Psychometrics, Path Analysis, Quantitative Research Method